Business Print

Our business print products come in a choice of Litho or Digital print process.

Litho (Lithographic) print has historically been primarily geared up to longer high quality print runs in excess of runs of 1000 and out of reach of the lower quantity market. However due to technology within the industry improving at such a fast rate we are now able to offer much lower quantities on our litho print products previously only seen on digital print.
Litho quality still remains higher than Digital print but is certainly more comparable than 10 years ago.

Digital business print is more affordable on low run print jobs allowing for a smaller mail out or short marketing campaign. Digital quality is far greater than in previous years and are produced using only the very latest HD HP Indigo printers.
This process also benefits from a very small setup time allowing for far quicker turnaround times. If your in a hurry and quality is slightly less important than getting the job out on a deadline, our digital print is the way to go.

If you have any questions on either of these print processes or your just not sure would be most suitable for your project give us our customer service team a call on 02392 412 444.